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Toronto Canada 2009
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Paulette Phillips
Toronto, Canada.

AS COULD BE is a three dimensional animation projected onto fog and an immersive sound piece. The animation is based on the architectural model designed by the Russian artist Vladmir Tatlin. In 1917 Tatlin proposed to build a grand monument titled The Monument to the Third International and although it was never built it continues to represent a utopian symbol of technology working in harmony with the force of labour. The sound environment is a musical composition made from interviews with Torontonians speaking about what work means today. By looking at the ghostly ideals from our recent past we can perhaps gain insight into who we are, what we dream for as a society and what we can achieve.

Paulette Phillips is an installation artist who combines film and sculpture to explore states of unknowing. Exhibitions include: Tatton Park Biennale, Berlin’s Expanded Forum, Canadian Cultural Centre, Paris, ZKM, Oakville Galleries, The National Gallery, The Power Plant and Heidelburger Kunstverein and recent screenings at The Tate Modern, The Pompidou Centre. She teaches at the Ontario College of Art and Design. Her work is represented by Danielle Arnaud Contemporary Art; London, and Diaz Contemporary; Toronto.

nuit blanche
Paulette Phillips, As Could Be, 2009, installation
Photo: Alex McLeod


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A6- Old Bank of Toronto Building
205 Yonge Street (entrance at rear)

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