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Chrysanne Stathacos
Toronto, Canada

True Patriot Love is the memorable phrase from Canada's national anthem. How do we interpret these words as Canadians? Transformed into a giant haiku poem, made from flowers & cut wood, it floats in a water-filled pond, revealing deeper meanings and revelations.

By having the words float individually, the dictionary meaning of each word will be highlighted:

1. Conforming with reality or fact
2. Genuine, not pretended, insincere, or artificial
3. Showing loyalty to another person, cause, purpose, or religious belief

1. Somebody who proudly supports or defends his or her country and its way of life

1. An intense feeling of tender affection and compassion
2. A passionate feeling of romantic desire and sexual attraction
3. Somebody who is loved romantically

Chrysanne Stathacos is a multi-media artist who explores the obvious & subliminal connections between ritual actions, feminism, technology & environmental issues resulting in cross-cultural, hybrid art forms.

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Chrysanne Stathacos, True Patriot Love

True Patriot Love, 2011

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A12 - College Park - Barbara Ann Scott Park North of Gerrard Street (Between Bay Street and Yonge Street)

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Suitable for all ages

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