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Toronto Canada 2011
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Camilla Singh
Toronto, Canada

As a reflection of the impermanence of the human body and all that it encounters, a car's parts are suspended in space becoming a drum kit propelled by the drummer's amplified heartbeat. This vehicle is of the subterranean realm of things mysterious and hidden. It is interwoven with components of a drum kit and heralds what occurs below the threshold of consciousness like a newly formed neural pathway between states of transformation. Throughout the evening an eclectic mix of musicians animate this piece, fueled by the beat that everyone carries within.

Nuit Blanche images
Photography by Tom Legrady

Cardiac Combustion Chamber, 2011
Performance Installation with live drummers

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SP1 Zone C - Richmond Street West and Bay Street

Chevrolet has commissioned two new works by Camilla Singh to reflect on and underscore the impermanence of all things.

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