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Toronto Canada 2011
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United Visual Artists
London, United Kingdom

Cadillac Fairview has commissioned United Visual Artists to create Slipstream, a 135 meter long light sculpture for Toronto Eaton Centre. The great length and depth of the space, covered by an iconic glass vault, suggested a connection to the sky and natural light above, and the idea to capture the dynamic notion of flight.

70 Prisms comprise the work, suspended delicately in tension along the axis of the iconic galleria. Tensegrity wires hold the sculpture in place, their orientation echoing and extending the geometry of the prisms themselves. Each successive prism is rotated by one degree to create a single gesture of motion. Reflecting the movement of the sun throughout the day, the work comes to life at night as light animates from within, creating a momentum as impulses of light shift and stream throughout.

Established in 2003, United Visual Artists are an art and design practice based in London. UVA produce work at the intersection of sculpture, architecture, live performance, moving image and digital installation.

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Slipstream, 2011
Materials: Stainless Steel, acrylic, suspension wire, LED, code

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Zone B - 220 Yonge Street
(Between Queen Street and Dundas Street)

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