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scotiabank  nuit blanche
Toronto Canada 2011
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nuit blanche
photo: Erinn Heather Grennan

Zone B [Downtown Central/East]

Toronto Eaton Centre Sponsored Project
United Visual Artists Slipstream

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Zone B Curator Shirley Madill

nuit blanche
Photo by Chris Shepherd

Curatorial Statement
Sound and Vision
Marshall McLuhan raised the bar for the future of technology introducing strategies in electronic media that offered the potential of open-ended encounters that could close the communication gap. He believed that artists were a generation ahead of technologies; visionaries who could provide a stronger means of social navigation through physical and non-physical space. The Future of the Present presents work by artists who use new technologies to form a vocabulary for a non-pictorial art. The art projects in Nuit Blanche are connected through unique interplays between the spiritual, material, and social spheres. Whatever the scale, the physical or psychological interaction they invite has some form of intimacy achieved through technical illusion and artificiality. The artists transform architectural and city spaces through the use of technology, interaction, light, sound and illusion.

Curator Biography
Shirley Madill is Executive Director at the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery. She has worked in the field of contemporary art in various capacities at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, Art Gallery of Hamilton, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, and Rodman Hall Art Centre. Recent curatorial projects include David Hoffos: Scenes from the House Dream which won an OAAG Award in 2010 for the publication and Burtynsky Factories. She also won the 2007 OAAG Award for the exhibition Sublime Embrace: Experiencing consciousness in contemporary art.

Special Project, Toronto City Hall
Haque - Jeremijenko, Flightpath Toronto

Commissioned Projects
Ken Rinaldo, Face Music
Ken Rinaldo, Paparazzi Bots
Mischa Kuball, public preposition No. 3/swing stage
Rose Bond, Intra Muros
Isabelle Hayeur, Ascension
GUILD, Through the Gorilla Glass
Luc Courchesne, McLuhan's Massage Parlour
Christine Irving & Interactive Art, The Heart Machine
Simone Jones and Lance Winn, Projektor
Bill Burns, The Dogs and Boats and Airplanes Choir

Open Call Projects
To encourage involvement by a wide range of artists - established and emerging -
each exhibition includes projects selected by the curators through an open call process.
Kurt Firla, Elliott Mealia and Po-Mo Inc, Ride the Rocket
Dylan Reibling, 12 Hour Dolly
Sharlene Bamboat and Alexis Mitchell, Border Sounds
Seth Hardy, Shannon's Fireflies
The Practice of Everyday Design ,
Elephant in the Room

Independent Projects
Art Gallery of Ontario, The Other Painting Competition
Broken Symmetry Collective, Temporary Investments
Diaspora Dialogues, Public Display of Democracy
Distillery District - Benecorpo Community, Hillary Predko & Anthony Swan, The St. James Circus
Distillery District - DEAF CULTURE CENTRE, Conversation Piece
Distillery District - Le Laboratoire d'Art (Le Labo), Lights Contacts
Distillery Historic District, The Futuristic Institute of Collective Happenings
Drawing with Frames, Drawing with Frames
Jean-François Bouchard, Still Life
LeuWebb Projects, Film, Vinyl, Paper
Melez, Tessellate
OCAD University Future Forward
Ryerson University - Department of Architectural Science, Cirrus
Ryerson University - Faculty of Communication &Design &School of Image Arts, Reeds
Ryerson University - School of Image Arts &Diversity Institute in Management and Technology, Honey, I'm Home!
Ryerson University - School of Radio and Television Arts, Observer FX
Ryerson University - Schools of Interior Design, Radio and Television Arts and Theatre, Egerton Falls
The Residue Group, Residue
Yayo Tavolara, Aseptic Profile

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