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Toronto Canada 2011
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scotiabank project
Steve Di Lorenzo, FLUXe


Steve Di Lorenzo (Toronto)

FLUXe is an imaginative collaboration of strangers and artists coming together to create on a large digital canvas - a 100 foot x 33 foot LED screen suspended on the north side of Scotia Plaza. In this interactive digital art installation, visitors had the opportunity to transform the urban back drop of Scotia Plaza with their own creative vision in collaboration with one of ten featured artists.

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timothy project
Chrysanne Stathacos, True Patriot Love



True Patriot Love
Chrysanne Stathacos (Toronto)

True Patriot Love is the memorable phrase from Canada's national anthem. How do we interpret these words as Canadians? Transformed into a giant haiku poem, made from flowers & cut wood, it floats in a water-filled pond, revealing deeper meanings and revelations.

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Toronto Eaton Centre project
Slipstream, United Visual Artists

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United Visual Artists (London, UK)

Cadillac Fairview has commissioned United Visual Artists to create Slipstream, a 135 meter long light sculpture for Toronto Eaton Centre. The great length and depth of the space, covered by an iconic glass vault, suggested a connection to the sky and natural light above, and the idea to capture the dynamic notion of flight.

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Chevrolet project

Chevrolet logo


Cardiac Combustion Chamber
Camilla Singh (Toronto)

As a reflection of the impermanence of the human body and all that it encounters, a car's parts are suspended in space becoming a drum kit propelled by the drummer's amplified heartbeat...

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on the cusp of aggression, enthusiasm, defense and support
Camilla Singh (Toronto)

In the uncertainty of a moment, a choreographed swarm of renegade dancers take on the movements of a cheerleader, a rotary brush, a squadron leader, as they rush the cars in an alley to wash and encourage them along their way...

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Phillips project

Phillips logo


New Dawn Fades
Michal Maciej Bartosik (Toronto)

New Dawn Fades utilizes light therapy technology to beckon a coming day with the rhythmic pulse of light. Philips Wake-up Light Plus and goLITE BLU Energy Light Aluminum radial arrays. Emissions of varying wavelengths...

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