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Nuit Blanche images
The Robotic Chair, 2008

Gardiner Museum
Max Dean - Toronto, Canada
Raffaello D'Andrea - Zurich, Switzerland
Matt Donovan - Toronto, Canada

The Robotic Chair
Kinetic Sculpture

15 - 111 Queen's Park (Third floor)

The Robotic Chair (1984 - 2006) is a generic-looking wooden chair with the capacity to fall apart and put itself back together. With shuddering force the chair collapses to the floor, then with persistence and determination proceeds to seek out its parts and upright itself. The Robotic Chair is distinguished in the world of objects for its capacity to illicit empathy, compassion and hope.

The chair will be on display on the third floor, in the Terrace room and will cycle through the action of collapsing and rebuilding continuously throughout the duration of the night.

Max Dean, Raffaello D'Andrea & Matt Donovan created this chair that could control its own degree of functionality and possibly its own state of being.

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