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Toronto Canada 2012
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Nuit Blanche images
Glow in the Park Rendering, 2012

Jaclyn Blumas - Toronto, Canada
Robert Cram - Toronto, Canada

Glow in the Park
Light Installation

26 - 111 Bickford Park
Grace Street & Harbord Street

For the first time reaching for the stars means looking beneath you and viewing the cosmos from above.

Embellishing the starlit expressions, we constructed our own visual solar system which can be explored walking through Bickford Park.

Glow in the Park, is as if a large meteor hit Toronto leaving thousands of meteorites glowing in the grass. Mirroring the night sky can help us to reflect upon our contemporary understanding of time and what it means when we bring concepts from outer space into our inner space. Each time we reflect on an idea we refract moments of it in isolation.

Jaclyn Blumas & Robert Cram, an artist and designer create large scale installations with emerging Toronto cooperative, Heretical Objects.

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