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Toronto Canada 2012
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Nuit Blanche images
The Chun Ji In Suite, 2008

Jeng Yi - A Korean Performing Arts Ensemble
Han Choi - Toronto, Canada

Tent & Semaphore
Performance Art

12 - Church of the Redeemer
162 Bloor Street West

Inspired by the all-night shaman rituals of Korea, Jeng Yi performs a suite of 12 percussion works dedicated to the 12 guardian spirits. Playing throughout the night, the ensemble aims to complete 12 performances of this suite by daybreak.

The song order for each performance is determined by chance: the ensemble will perform the repertoire in an order prescribed by the drawing of sticks. 12 banners, representing each song and spirit, are then hung in the order of the draw. These banners, designed by artist Han Choi, also frame the space in which Jeng Yi will perform and entertain the guardian spirits, and secure their cooperation for the upcoming winter season.

The performance of this work during the early hours of September 30 is particularly auspicious: the date falls upon Chuseok, an important lunar calendar holiday when many such rituals take place.

Jeng Yi is a Korean performing arts ensemble based in Toronto. Formed in 1998, they are dedicated to reinterpreting traditional art forms of Korea.

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