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Toronto Canada 2012
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Nuit Blanche images
Passage to the Kingdom, 2012

Queen St. West Business Improvement Area (BIA)
Theo Pelmus - Ottawa, Canada
Ulysses Castellanos - Toronto, Canada

Passage to the Kingdom
Performance Art

102 - Queen Street West & Soho Street

Passage to The Kingdom is a new media performance/installation involving gold leaf, masks, edible sculptures made from gelato, Baroque music, and horror film soundtracks to mimic rites of passage found in many of the world’s religions.

Passage to The Kingdom plays with the concept of an afterlife: what would the other side look like; will we experience that world as we experience ours now? It comprises a series of “stations” participants are taken through with the artists as guides. It features a sensorial passageway as an allegory for entering another dimension.
Performance Art

Pelmus and Castellanos are dressed in white and play the roles of Televangelist and Ashram Guru respectively. The two “guides” direct the public through the different stations, culminating in the gifting of a diploma commemorating participants' crossing of the “Passageway."
Performance Art

Ulysses Castellanos explores how popular culture defines identity.
Performance Art

Theo Pelmus is a performance artist.

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