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Toronto Canada 2012
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Nuit Blanche images
Free Woman, 2011. Leily Hafizirad

The Distillery District - DEAF CULTURE CENTRE - Toronto, Canada
Yan Liu - Toronto, Canada
Ella Mae Lentz - Berkeley, USA
Maryam Hafizirad - Toronto, Canada

Creature World!
Visual Arts & Performing Arts

98 - Front Street East & Parliament Street
Victoria Street Alley
1 Adelaide Street East
(Primary access from Yonge Street between King and Adelaide)

Visitors will see the entrancing artwork of Fish-World. It reflects the Deaf artist’s inner spiritual freedom and the silence, serenity, and purity of the silent world under the sea. Images of fish and birds embedded in a sea of bright contrasting colours in mixed media designs surround the viewer.

Breathtaking performance by an international dancer takes centre stage in the gallery. Her body brings the spirit, movement and beauty of Peacock to the fore, as her magnificent and unique performance depicts this gorgeous bird. Her hands and head angle and quiver and her torso sweeps across the gallery central area.

This proud dance performance is followed by the delicate and graceful movements of a sign language poet
as she draws Dew On Spiderweb in the air for all of us to see.

Artists present dance, poetry and visual art. They express a collective silent and visual beauty of creatures on land, air and sea!

Dance performances of Peacock followed by sign language poetry performances of Dew on Spiderweb take place at 7:30pm, 9:00pm, 11:00pm & 1:00am. Performances are 10 minutes in length.

Toronto Culture / Soctiabank