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Toronto Canada 2012
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Nuit Blanche images
SKYLUM, 2012. Photography by Brian Bettencourt

Andrew Kearney - Limerick, Ireland and London, UK


140 - CBC Building, Barbara Frum Atrium
250 Front Street West

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This project fuses human movement and electrical light – one natural, the other man-made – in a way that transforms the local landscape and the cultural activity within. Suspended in the ten-story, 10,000 square foot atrium of the CBC building, SKYLUM is an inflatable that responds through dynamic interactive illumination – a changing light-score composed of movement, created by the proximity and behaviour of people around the artwork. The installation combines elements of theatricality, performance and human interaction to explore how they can be brought together within the built environment and, in so doing transform the everyday into the extraordinary.

Relying on activity within the vaulted Philip Johnson architecture and cultural hub, SKYLUM can be viewed and engaged by Nuit Blanche visitors from various vantage points, creating a new pulsing heart of the space. The combination of public participation and the light-score sampled from everyday movement creates an engaging, interactive artwork that visitors can relate to in many ways. Through the interplay of light, movement and architecture, the atmospheric installation offers the possibility of experiencing public space in a new light.

Artist Biography: Andrew Kearney resides in London, UK. Exhibitions include IMMA, Camden Arts Centre, Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff, The Lighthouse, Glasgow, MoDa, London, and Limerick City Art Gallery. Kearney has produced site-specific works for Heathrow Airport, Wexford Opera House, and Tate Britain. Awards include Barclays Young Artist (1992), PS1 Studios (1992), Art Council Ireland (1992-8, 2007), Art Council England (2004), Culture Ireland (2005), AHRC (2005-8). He is an artist mentor for the Plug-In Summer Programme in Winnipeg in 2012

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