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Toronto Canada 2012
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Flat Space, 2012

Peter Bowyer - Toronto, Canada

Flat Space 2012

77 - Bay Street and Queen Street West

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Flat Space is the first public presentation of a large optical sculpture that will be dropped into the middle of Bay Street. Transported to and from the site by cargo bike, the 300 galvanized steel parts will arrive, assemble and disappear like a patch of eccentric mushrooms after a warm rain. Other dimensional in nature and spanning 1,600 square feet, this piece will function as a visual and conceptual interference zone within ordinary perceptual space. This project is an extension of the artist's research into dimensions, and attempts to reconcile advances within industrial science and technology with the evolution of the modern space sense.

Artist Biography: Peter Bowyer is a Toronto-based installation artist, whose work combines sculpture, drawing and animated film. His current projects explore sensory aspects of the higher dimensions, particularly cross-dimensional areas where one dimension shifts into the next. He has exhibited nationally and internationally since the late 1970s, with solo exhibitions at the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery (1995), The Toronto Sculpture Garden (2000), and The Art Gallery of York University (2003).

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