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Toronto Canada 2012
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Nuit Blanche images
Moth Maze, 2012, Photography by Joe Le

Oliver Husain Toronto, Canada

Moth Maze 2012
Film Installation

71 - Green P Parking Lot
87 Richmond Street East

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In his work, Husain often begins with a portrait of a person or a place. The outcome is a video or film, a text or a textile; something foldable that can be stored away easily, or something standing on thin chopstick legs. Something that might collapse under the eyes of the viewer - in a film, this could be its fragile narrative structure.

Moth Maze sets up a queue management labyrinth, similar to the ones used at other Nuit Blanche projects. Yet here the maze takes centre stage. A large screen overlooks this set-up. The projected film shows a traveling shot through a lush forest. Colourful lights along the camera‘s path correspond with six lamps placed in the labyrinth. They light up in sync with the ones on screen and, potentially, attract the moths fluttering through the night. Enter the labyrinth and you'll be entering the film as well.

Artist Biography: Oliver Husain is a filmmaker and artist based in Toronto. Recent solo exhibitions have taken place at galleries including the Art Gallery of York University and Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto. In 2011 his work was included in shows at Portikus Frankfurt, ICA Philadelphia and the National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta. A retrospective of his films and videos was screened at Experimenta Festival, Bangalore.

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