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Toronto Canada 2012
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Nuit Blanche images
Fun House, 2012. Photography by Gesilayefa Azorbo

Thom Sokoloski - Toronto, Canada

Fun House, 2012
Interactive Installation

92  Exhibition A – Sponsored by Chevrolet
Bay Street and Adelaide Street West

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Fun House is an interactive performance art installation inspired by the classic carnival fun house. The public is invited to take a car ride and journey through compelling carnivalesque environments. The audience becomes immersed in experiences of light, sound and imagery which engulf, scare and surprise.

Sokoloski, as a boy, was compelled by carnivals, specifically the fun houses that took the artist inside unknown tunnels and chambers and distorted a sense of reality and everyday life. Journeying through these spaces simultaneously inspired feelings of both fear and elation and the world of familiar images were experienced with distortions that made them otherworldly. The artist draws from memories of the carnival pageantry and crafts a living sculpture that a car may pass through. The viewing public can also participate by transforming their hand held devices into coloured lights by scanning QR codes to help shape and shift the total experience of the Fun House.

Artist Biography: Thom Sokoloski is the co-founder of Toronto's The Theatre Centre, The Native Theatre and Autumn Leaf Performance. Thom has produced and directed numerous theatrical works, developed temporal public art. His artistic and curatorial practice includes; Toronto Art Fair 05, Nuit Blanche 06 and 09 and The Encampment part of Luminato 2012.

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