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Toronto Canada 2012
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Nuit Blanche images
Lenticularis , 2012, Photography by Gabor Podor

Jonah Humphrey Toronto, Canada
Andrea Ling Toronto, Canada
Spencer Rand Toronto, Canada
Patrick Svilans Toronto, Canada
Johnathan Wong Toronto, Canada
GUILD Toronto, Canada

Lenticularis 2012
Interactive Kinetic Sculpture

79 - Exhibition C – Sponsored by Timothy's World Coffee
St. James Park

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Named after a unique lens-shaped cloud, Lenticularis is a kinetic sculpture that hovers above its audience, affected by wind currents with which visitors interact. The work billows and sways as a luminous assembly of lanterns, fans, and undulating surfaces. It is an interactive matrix composed of numerous translucent structures linked together to form a lightweight canopy. Individual parts of the canopy are constructed to rise and fall with changing air currents, affecting the sculpture's overall shape. Passing beneath this dynamic 'cloud', participants activate local sources of air turbulence, creating disruptions in the normally planar membrane. In its resting state, the sculpture is delicate enough to register subtle changes in the ambient breeze. Through the night, special lighting is projected onto the cloud while lantern elements emit a warm glow, enhancing the sense of living movement.

Artist Biography: GUILD is a five member group of designers with backgrounds in architecture, art and industrial design. Jonah Humphrey, Andrea Ling, Spencer Rand, Patrick Svilans, and Johnathan Wong are invested in creating works that foster interaction and make one more aware of the multitude of sensations and emotions that are latent in physical environment.

  SPONSORED by Timothy's World Coffee® Toronto Culture / Soctiabank