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Toronto Canada 2012
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Nuit Blanche images
Queen Street, 2010. Victoria Fisher

Abilities Arts Festival

The Queen Street Cartography - Year 1
Photography, Performance and Mixed Media Installation.

78 - OCAD Open Gallery
49 McCaul Street (East side of McCaul Street,
north of Queen Street West)

Queen Street is a great "leveler." And the Queen Streetcar carries its cargo of life-long city dwellers and new arrivals of (almost) every stripe and class along the entire length of T.O.'s vibrant east-west corridor. What the Queen Car is not, however, is accessible. Not yet, anyway.

A Queen Street Cartography is a heady mash-up of photography, performance, music and intimate "podplays" - an exploration and re-mapping of the city and its people through a disability lens.

Led by BC comedian, media artist and performer Jan Derbyshire, a wildly diverse and highly accomplished company of musicians, storytellers, and photographers present a rich new map of Toronto's iconic street.

Abilities Arts Festival (10th annual) is a multidisciplinary forum for the creation and presentation of work by artists with disabilities.

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