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Sarah Beck, Postcards from the End, 2012. Photography by Erinn Heather Grennan

Documentation Team for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Toronto 2012
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Project Director, Management
Bill Kirby email

Documentation Group Leader and Website Design, 
Web Production and Management

Miklos Legrady email

Photography and Video
Digitizing and Editing

Miklos Legrady

Additional Digitizing and Editing
A.114. Beam of Underground Sun, Arezoo Talebzadeh, Kaveh Ashourinia
B.38. Darkning, Ceal Floyer
shot and edited by Douglas Peretz

Documentation Team

Photo: Erinn Grennan   [email]
Video: Miklos Legrady [email]

49. Ou ToposIris Häussler
55. Quasar 2.0: Star IncubatorJean Michel Crettaz, Mark-David Hosale
56. Museum of the RaptureDouglas Coupland
59. The VaultThomas Blanchard

Photo: Jesse Jackson        [email]
Video: Eamon MacMahon  [email]

50. The UpliftingDana Claxton
60. Postcards from the End / Dirty LoonieSarah Beck
63. Civilization (Megaplex)Marco Brambilla
66. I Dream A World The Nathaniel Dett Chorale
74. World Without SunChristine Davis

Photo: Steve Payne  [email]
Video: Sheetal Laar [email]

48. Once upon a timeTania Mouraud
51. 416-788-9663Geoffrey Pugen
52. White DwarfAnTe Liu
53. American ColourJoshua Bonnetta
61. Symposium, Until the End of the World Public Access

Photo: Brian Bettencourt [email]
Video: Ram Accoumeh      [email]

A.123. High WaterWill Gill
A.126. Throw-UpShelley Miller
A.129. LighthouseCatherine Yass
A.134. LifecyclesMatthew Moore
A.136. +cityFaisal Anwar, Sioban O'Flynn
A.140. SKYLUMAndrew Kearney

Photo: Gesilayefa Azorbo [email]
Video: Cabot McNenly [email]

A.92. Fun HouseThom Sokoloski [ Sponsored Project]
A.106. Tower of ProgressLaurent Gagnon
A.108. ChaseBlaine Campbell, Megan Wilson
A.112. Water Will Be HereEric Corriel
A.115. Liquid CohesionMichael Alstad
A.125. BeaconAlison Norlen

Photo: Tom Legrady  [email]
Video: Douglas Peretz [email]

B.38. DarkningCeal Floyer
B.89. All Together NowJeanne Holmes
B.104. The Other SideMichael Klein
A.114. Beam of Underground SunArezoo Talebzadeh, Kaveh Ashourinia
A.116. Green InvadersYves Caizergues
A.121. Dollar General Drive ByJim Davis

Photo: Sarah Fay [email]
Video: Dexter Ico  [email]

B.47. The Way Things AreChris Hanson, Hendrika Sonnenberg [3 locations]
B.62. Vertical Constructions: Dancer #1 and #2Max Streicher [ Sponsored Project]
B.70. PairNeil Campbell
B.75. 9 Beet StretchLeif Inge, New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA)
B.77. Flat SpacePeter Bowyer
B.86. All Night ConvenienceRhonda Weppler, Trevor Mahovsky

Photo: John Richardson]  [email]
Video: Natalie Logan   [email]

B.37. Ambient WalkEd Janzen
B.39. REFLEXIONAaron Moran [ Sponsored Project]
B.41. Talk 2 StrangersTIMEANDDESIRE, Timothy Walker, Denise St. Marie
B.42. Outsiders2012Kim Renders, Micky Renders
B.43. Scenes from a Film I'll Never Make, with Alternate Scores, Kelly Mark
B.45. Crystal PalaceVikky Alexander

Photo: Joe Le          [email]
Video: Olga Barsky [email]

C.54. Young PrayerWilliam Robinson
C.57. Smells Like SpiritHadley+Maxwell
C.64. Earth Moon Earth - Moonlight Sonata Reflected from the Surface of the Moon
        Katie Paterson
C.67. Thought BalloonBrian Cauley
C.69. Eva Kevalam – Shifting Time and SpaceKirtan Collective
C.71. Moth MazeOliver Husain

Photo: Gabor Podor  [email]
Video: Jason Ebanks [email]

C.91. Nuit Blanche Survey and Critical RaceJulian Higuerey Núñez, Henry Adam Svec
C.95. PlanesTrisha Brown Dance Company
C.96. Ensemble for Mixed UseJD Walsh
C.79. LenticularisGUILD [ Sponsored Project]
C.99. Body XeroxSimon Denny, Yngve Holen
A.111. Invisible Streams: As Above, So BelowAlfred Engerer

Photo: Dean Goodwin [email]
Video: Neil Cavalier  [email]

B.72. Constricycle CrewJefferson Campbell-Cooper
C.90. The Structures Of Everyday Life: Full CircleSusan Stenger
C.93. The Day AfterTomorrow Dave Dyment
C.100. Tethered MotionVarun Vachhar
C.101. TremoloMaeve Brennan, Ruth Ewan
C.113. The Evening News (small craft warnings)Emergency Exit