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Toronto Canada 2013
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Photo: Eirinn Heather Grennan

Kim Adams - Toronto, Ontario

Toaster Work Wagon, 2013

09 - Osgoode Rotunda Laneway, 361 University Avenue

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Toaster Work Wagon was originally commissioned by the international InSite Biennial (San Diego, 1997). It is a mobile concession vehicle, a street attraction for adults as well as workshop on wheels (a mutant among other vendors).

The wagon features a group of various-sized bicycles that have been modified and made into double-headed pairs. Mounted back-to-back, the audience can test-ride the bikes by negotiating with each other who will take the lead.

The vehicle and bicycles function as metaphor for the to-and-fro of human communication and negotiation.

Born in Edmonton in 1951, Kim Adams has been working in sculpture and installation since the late 1970s. Ranging across multiple formats, materials, and scales - from miniature to street level and utopian architectural dimensions - his works commonly involve the combination of found industrial, agricultural and automobile components in mobile assemblages. He has exhibited in major solo and group exhibitions throughout Canada and internationally, and is the recipient of the 2012 Gershon Iskowitz Prize.

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