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Toronto Canada 2013
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Photo: Jeff Louie

The Everything Company - Vancouver, Canada
Jason Gowans - Vancouver, Canada
Simon Benedict - Vancouver, Canada
Michael Love - Vancouver, Canada

Smoke House, 2013
Performance Art

11 - Richmond-Adelaide Centre, 111 Richmond Street West

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The Everything Company will construct a large-scale cedar smoking hut powered by three bicycles. The artists will invite participants to pedal throughout the night to keep the salmon smoking, ultimately serving the smoked fish.

Curing and smoking meat is a process that predates refrigeration. You can preserve meat for a long time with little more than salt and fire. This project takes an incredibly simple process and turns it into an endurance performance, making it much more complicated than it ever need be. Through work and play, this Sisyphean effort will elaborate on our ongoing exploration of work and leisure.

As Vancouver artists, The Everything Company recognize that British Columbians’ relationship with salmon is somewhat spiritual and has become a symbol for our destruction of natural resources. Yet, despite all this, we keep farming at an exponential rate, destroying its populations and habitat. While we perform this event we will be constantly cycling without moving forward, much like hamsters in a wheel, perpetually moving without actually getting anywhere and all the while bound to the salmon.

The Everything Company is a collaborative of artists interested in the dichotomy of work and leisure who see art as a playful process of work. The Everything Company is comprised of artists Chris Dahl, Jason Gowans and Michael Love who grew up in Chilliwack, British Columbia and now live in Vancouver.

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