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Scotiabank Nuit Blanche
Toronto Canada 2013
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Photo: John Richardson

Lisa Anita Wegner - Toronto, Canada
Vanessa Lee Wishart - Toronto, Canada

Queen of the Parade, 2013
Video, Fashion, Performance Art

15 - University Avenue & Queen Wtreet West

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The image of the Queen of the Parade resounds across cultures, yet often remains unexamined in our society. Purity, fertility, sexuality, power & triumph-- all this & more is wrapped up in what the queen has historically symbolized. Incorporating exaggerated proportions, outré fashion, live performance, and cutting-edge media are incorporated into the queen's gown. This installation presents an over-the-top 20-foot depiction of a typical parade queen that challenges the audience to think about what this image of femininity means to them.

Lisa Anita Wegner & Vanessa Lee Wishart:

The Queen of the Parade showcases the inaugural collaboration of a folk artist for the internet age and a boundary-pushing fashion artist, as they use film, design, technology & live performance to explore how the history & symbolism of the traditional parade queen translates to our culture.

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