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Scotiabank Nuit Blanche
Toronto Canada 2013
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Photo: John Richardson

Marcin Kedzior - Toronto, Canada
Christine Kim - Toronto, Canada

Paper Orbs, 2013
Performative Installation

17 - 1 Trinity Square (Access from Bay Street, south of Dundas Street West)

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Performative Installation

Paper Orbs begins the night as a massive origami sculpture which dissolves into thousands of paper helmets worn by visitors as they parade down University Avenue. As both a lantern and a center of gravity, the paper float pulls visitors in and encourages them to return throughout the night to experience the dissolution of the paper sculpture. The accumulated paper helmets disperse into scattered constellations that float along the street. The helmets also resonate with notions of patterned order and militaristic armour.

Folded thinking devices are mounted on top of sleepless bodies which restlessly comb the street — little astronauts emerge; dragging their feet, laughing, staring into space, full of chatter, exclamations, silent meditations, unexpected gestures, with paper orbs bobbing up and down, surveying the scene.

Marcin Kedzior is a musician, dancer, writer, designer, editor and professor. His collaborative work includes the winning entry for the Nathan Phillips Square Revitalization.

Christine Kim is an artist and arts educator. Recent exhibitions include: Show Off Exhibition, The Artist Project Toronto and a solo show at Graven Feather Gallery.

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