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Scotiabank Nuit Blanche
Toronto Canada 2013
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Brendan Fernandes

Night Shift, 2013
Performance Art

Photography by Brian Bettencourt
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nightshift-1 nightshift-10 nightshift-100 nightshift-101
nightshift-103 nightshift-106 nightshift-107 nightshift-108
nightshift-109 nightshift-11 nightshift-111 nightshift-112
nightshift-113 nightshift-115 nightshift-118 nightshift-119
nightshift-121 nightshift-122 nightshift-124 nightshift-125
nightshift-13 nightshift-131 nightshift-139 nightshift-141
nightshift-145 nightshift-15 nightshift-22 nightshift-25
nightshift-26 nightshift-27 nightshift-29 nightshift-31
nightshift-39 nightshift-4 nightshift-40 nightshift-43
nightshift-44 nightshift-47 nightshift-48 nightshift-50
nightshift-52 nightshift-53 nightshift-57 nightshift-63
nightshift-74 nightshift-75 nightshift-87 nightshift-96