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Scotiabank Nuit Blanche
Toronto Canada 2013
[Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2006 to 2013]

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Nuit Blanche wordmark

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Idea Tank Design Collective - Toronto, Canada

Light Installation

Photography by John Richardson
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_DSC3023 _DSC3024 _DSC3027 _DSC3030
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_DSC3078 _DSC3080 _DSC3083 _DSC3085
_DSC3086 _DSC3090 _DSC3092 _DSC3096
_DSC3097 _DSC3101 _DSC3102 _DSC3104tu
_DSC3114tucrop2 _DSC3119tu _DSC3120 _DSC3121
_DSC3122 _DSC3123 _DSC3126tu _DSC3127tu
_DSC3128tu _DSC3133 _DSC3135 _DSC3139
_DSC3140 _DSC3141 _DSC3142 _DSC3146
_DSC3150tu _DSC3152 _DSC3154 _DSC3157
_DSC3163 _DSC3163crop _DSC3164 _DSC3165
_DSC3172tu _DSC3174 _DSC3176 _DSC3178
_DSC3179 _DSC3181 _DSC3182 _DSC3184
_DSC3185 _DSC3187 _DSC3193
_DSC3199 _DSC3197