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Scotiabank Nuit Blanche
Toronto Canada 2013
[Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2006 to 2013]

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Nuit Blanche wordmark

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Ruth Spitzer - Toronto, Canada
Claire Ironside - Toronto, Canada
(X)Static Clown Factory, 2013
Multi-media and street performance

Photography by Steve Payne
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MG_0114 MG_0117 MG_0124 MG_0131
MG_0141 MG_0158 MG_0174 MG_0182
MG_0207 MG_0210 MG_0211 MG_0216
MG_0220 MG_0420 MG_0426 MG_0432
MG_0439 MG_0572 MG_8098 MG_8099
MG_8100 MG_8103 MG_8107 MG_8108
MG_8111 MG_8396 MG_8400 MG_8402
MG_8410 MG_8578 MG_8584 MG_8588
MG_8592 MG_8595 MG_8601 MG_8602

Photography by Brian Bettencourt
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XStaticClownFactory-11 XStaticClownFactory-15 XStaticClownFactory-16 XStaticClownFactory-18
XStaticClownFactory-19 XStaticClownFactory-20 XStaticClownFactory-21 XStaticClownFactory-23
XStaticClownFactory-24 XStaticClownFactory-26 XStaticClownFactory-28 XStaticClownFactory-30
XStaticClownFactory-31 XStaticClownFactory-32 XStaticClownFactory-33 XStaticClownFactory-34
XStaticClownFactory-42 XStaticClownFactory-44 XStaticClownFactory-45 XStaticClownFactory-49
XStaticClownFactory-53 XStaticClownFactory-54 XStaticClownFactory-55 XStaticClownFactory-56
XStaticClownFactory-58 XStaticClownFactory-59 XStaticClownFactory-60 XStaticClownFactory-62
XStaticClownFactory-65 XStaticClownFactory-69 XStaticClownFactory-70