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Scotiabank Nuit Blanche
Toronto Canada 2013
[Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2006 to 2013]

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Nuit Blanche wordmark

nuit blanche
Sherri Hay, Hysteria Coordinating, 2013. Still from a video by Neil Cavalier

Documentation Team for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Toronto 2013
Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art [The Canadian Art Database]

Project DirectorManagement
Bill Kirby email

Documentation Management, Group Leader,
Web Design and Production

Miklos Legrady email

Photography and Video
Digitizing and Editing

Miklos Legrady

Documentation Team


Photo: Eirinn Grennan  [email]
Video: Miklos Legrady  [email]

A1. Forever Bicycles, Ai Weiwei
A2. Crash Cars, Alain Declercq
A3. The rose is without why, Boris Achour
A9. Toaster Work Wagon, Kim Adams
A18. Tortoise, Michel de Broin


Photo: Jackman Chiu  [email]
Video: Eamon MacMahon  [email]

A5. El Agua de Niebla, Melik Ohanian
A7. PLASTIC BAGS, Pascale Marthine Tayou
A24. l’air du temps, Faith La Rocque
A37. Garden Tower in Toronto, Tadashi Kawamata
A40. Take a Load Off, Tongue & Groove


Photo: Joe Le  [email]
Video: Neil Cavalier  [email]

A4. The Little People, Workparty
A6. Hysteria Coordinating, Sherri Hay
A8. 1-855-IS IT ART (1-855-474-8278), VSVSVS
A13. Familia, Bruno Billio
A16. The Big Crunch, Franck Scurti


Photo: Michael Ligon  [email]
Video: Cabot McNenly  [email]

B70. Human Sweat Generator, Warren Quigley 
B72. A Quack Cure, Lisa Hirmer, as DodoLab
B75. HYBRID GLOBE, A. Wrigglesworth, M. Mehdi Ghiyaei, Mojtaba Samimi
B80. HOW TO SEE IN THE DARK, Margaux Williamson


Photo: Steve Payne  [email]
Video: Sheetal Laar  [email]

B42. (X)Static Clown Factory, Ruth Spitzer, Claire Ironside
B52. Cancer is our Story, Max Dean
B61. Rumbling Drumlins, AGATHOM Co.
B64. Monster Child, Libby Hague
B68. This, I Build For You, David R. Harper


Photo: John Richardson   [email]
Video: Natalie Logan  [email]

B14. Music Box, John Dickson
B15. Queen of the Parade, Lisa Anita Wegner, Vanessa Lee Wishart
B17. Paper Orbs, Marcin Kedzior, Christine Kim
B25. Ferris Wheel, Katharine Harvey
B32. PARALLAX, Idea Tank Design Collective


Photo: Jordan Ellis [email]
Video: Dexter Ico  [email]

C45. Burrman, Simon Frank
C50. Tanks, Cal Lane
C41. Fight or fight, Peter Flemming
C60. FREE LAND, Maggie Groat
C48. Howl, Robert Hengeveld


Photo: Jeff Louie  [email
Video: Jason Ebanks  [email]

C11. Smoke House, The Everything Company, Jason Gowans, Simon Benedict, Michael Love
C19. Display-Displace, Reece Terris
C28. The Soniferous Æther of The Land Beyond The Land Beyond, Charles Stankievich
C29. Pink Punch v.2, Polymetis, Michaela MacLeod, Nicholas Croft
C34. Mariner , Kelly Richardson


Photo: Brian Bettencourt  [email]
Video: Tom Legrady  [email]

C20. Campfire, David Hoffos
C26. The Arctic Trilogy, Janet Biggs
C21. Night Shift, Brendan Fernandes
C43. Shrine, John Notten
C22. The Anthropocene, Caledonia Dance Curry, Swoon