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Paul Couillard: Sitting With The Mountain
at Offthemapgallery, Toronto

PAUL COUILLARD: For 30 days, I will spend 8 hours each day at the gallery "performing", developing thresholds or situations that speak to experiences of loss and grief. I am on a hunt for images that open up possibilities for moving through and alleviating trauma. The work will evolve daily, with accumulating and dissipating evidence of my gestures. My interest lies in the idea of relieving trauma, not reliving it. What can alleviate the suffering associated with loss? What can grief teach us?
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Photography and web design: Miklos Legrady

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Show runs April 6 - May 5, 2007
Opening Launch: April 6, midnight (12.01am Friday morning)
Open Forum: April 21, 8am - 4pm
Closing Party/Reception: May 5, 4pm - midnight

Special Gallery Hours:
April 6 - 15: midnight - 8am
April 16 - 25: 8am - 4pm
April 26 - May 5: 4pm - midnight

Friday April 6  - Day 1, midnight - 8am
ASC09564 ASC09569 ASC09572 ASC09574
ASC09588 ASC09604 ASC09608 ASC09627
ASC09632 ASC09653 ASC09675 ASC09678
ASC09682 ASC09684 ASC09686 ASC09688
ASC09707 ASC09714 ASC09730 ASC09781
Saturday April 7  - Day 2
BSB09891 BSB09933 BSB09948 BSB09961
BSB09982 BSB09989 BSC00049 BSC00104
BSC00106 BSC00113 BSC00135 BSC00169
BSC00211 BSC00233 BSC00280 BSC00298
BSC00340 BSC00342 BSC00349 BSC00461
Sunday April 8  - Day 3
CSC00231 CSC00234 CSC00235 CSC00257
CSC00264 CSC00268 CSC00281 CSC00286
CSC00310 CSC00324 CSC00495 CSC00501
CSC00503 CSC00545 CSC00564 CSC00601
CSC00614 CSC00623 CSC00651 CSC00876
Monday April 9  - Day 4
DSC00937 DSC00943 DSC00950 DSC01003
DSC01112 DSC01124 DSC01128 DSC01131
DSC01132 DSC01135 DSC01141 DSC01151
DSC01152 DSC01153 DSC01203 DSC01207
DSC01233 DSC01243 DSC01253 DSC01264
Tuesday April 10  - Day 5
ESC01352 ESC01367 ESC01368 ESC01382
ESC01395 ESC01419 ESC01420 ESC01427
ESC01430 ESC01451 ESC01493 ESC01553
ESC01561 ESC01565 ESC01582 ESC01613
ESC01644 ESC01648 ESC01696 ESC01887
Wednesday April 11  - Day 6
FSC02006 FSC02012 FSC02038 FSC02045
FSC02064 FSC02082 FSC02110 FSC02125
FSC02147 FSC02169 FSC02192 FSC02208
FSC02252 FSC02268 FSC02270 FSC02271
FSC02284 FSC02293 FSC02316 FSC02324
Thursday April 12  - Day 7
GSC02416 GSC02422 GSC02428 GSC02439
GSC02443 GSC02445 GSC02459 GSC02474
GSC02479 GSC02488 GSC02496 GSC02557
GSC02596 GSC02632 GSC02693 GSC02707
GSC02725 GSC02771 GSC02779 GSC02799
Friday April 13  - Day 8
HSC03309 HSC03320 HSC03338 HSC03354
HSC03370 HSC03371 HSC03377 HSC03400
HSC03414 HSC03417 HSC03450 HSC03451
HSC03464 HSC03510 HSC03515 HSC03524
HSC03609 HSC03620 HSC03639 HSC03658
Saturday April 14  - Day 9
ISC03748 ISC03752 ISC03779 ISC03843
ISC03856 ISC03857 ISC03862 ISC03865
ISC03866 ISC03932 ISC03936 ISC04013
ISC04100 ISC04103 ISC04107 ISC04111
ISC04117 ISC04157 ISC04171 ISC04266
Sunday April 15  - Day 10
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JSC04556 JSC04593 JSC04596 JSC04608
JSC04610 JSC04612 JSC04615 JSC04638
JSC04640 JSC04696 JSC04730 JSC04898
JSC04939 JSC04941 JSC05023 JSC05032
JSC05034 JSC05054 JSC05110 JSC05139