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Paul Couillard: Sitting With The Mountain
at Offthemapgallery, Toronto

PAUL COUILLARD: For 30 days, I will spend 8 hours each day at the gallery "performing", developing thresholds or situations that speak to experiences of loss and grief. I am on a hunt for images that open up possibilities for moving through and alleviating trauma. The work will evolve daily, with accumulating and dissipating evidence of my gestures. My interest lies in the idea of relieving trauma, not reliving it. What can alleviate the suffering associated with loss? What can grief teach us?
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Show runs April 6 - May 5, 2007
Opening Launch: April 6, midnight (12.01am Friday morning)
Open Forum: April 21, 8am - 4pm
Closing Party/Reception: May 5, 4pm - midnight

Special Gallery Hours:
April 6 - 15: midnight - 8am
April 16 - 25: 8am - 4pm
April 26 - May 5: 4pm - midnight

Monday April 16  - Day 11, 8am - 4pm
KSC05194 KSC05196 KSC05209 KSC05215
KSC05248 KSC05261 KSC05272 KSC05285
KSC05291 KSC05292 KSC05299 KSC05310
KSC05318 KSC05325 KSC05330 KSC05337
KSC05344 KSC05351 KSC05389 KSC05430
Tuesday April 17  - Day 12
LSC05510 LSC05523 LSC05533 LSC05537
LSC05549 LSC05572 LSC05589 LSC05594
LSC05603 LSC05604 LSC05607 LSC05666
LSC05688 LSC05828 LSC05830 LSC05881
LSC05886 LSC05935 LSC05972 LSC06061
Wednesday April 18  - Day 13
MSC06164 MSC06165 MSC06174 MSC06185
MSC06189 MSC06190 MSC06200 MSC06202
MSC06207 MSC06222 MSC06233 MSC06239
MSC06242 MSC06245 MSC06252 MSC06307
MSC06319 MSC06320 MSC06339 MSC06397
Thursday April 19  - Day 14
NSC06596 NSC06606 NSC06607 NSC06653
NSC06656 NSC06658 NSC06660 NSC06663
NSC06675 NSC06700 NSC06710 NSC06724
NSC06766 NSC06788 NSC06791 NSC06916
NSC06949 NSC06968 NSC06970 NSC06987
Friday April 20  - Day 15
OSC07042 OSC07056 OSC07065 OSC07069
OSC07096 OSC07097 OSC07113 OSC07120
OSC07121 OSC07129 OSC07132 OSC07137
OSC07181 OSC07301 OSC07307 OSC07326
OSC07420 OSC07437 OSC07524 OSC07655
Saturday April 21   - Day 16
PSC07685 PSC07692 PSC07695 PSC07697
PSC07723 PSC07754 PSC07761 PSC07768
PSC07772 PSC07779 PSC07816 PSC07828
PSC07835 PSC07849 PSC07878 PSC07883
PSC08010 PSC08045 PSC08126 PSC08142
Sunday April 22   - Day 17
QSC08271 QSC08276 QSC08299 QSC08306
QSC08311 QSC08319 QSC08355 QSC08374
QSC08387 QSC08447 QSC08467 QSC08470
QSC08477 QSC08506 QSC08529 QSC08569
QSC08571 QSC08578_viQeo QSC08663 QSC08664
Monday April 23   - Day 18
RSC08679 RSC08716 RSC08733 RSC08738
RSC08755 RSC08764 RSC08772 RSC08789
RSC08792 RSC08794 RSC08810 RSC08832
RSC08844 RSC08849 RSC08851 RSC08877
RSC08884 RSC08899 RSC08920 RSC08928
Tuesday April 24   - Day 19
SSC08969 SSC08995 SSC09064 SSC09103
SSC09114 SSC09187 SSC09199 SSC09207
SSC09221 SSC09235 SSC09243 SSC09263
SSC09285 SSC09343 SSC09344 SSC09383
SSC09445 SSC09468 SSC09470 SSC09505
Wednesday April 25   - Day 20
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TSC09663 TSC09669 TSC09683 TSC09686
TSC09697 TSC09707 TSC09711 TSC09724
TSC09741 TSC09747 TSC09752 TSC09756
TSC09759 TSC09772 TSC09788 TSC09793
TSC09796 TSC09803 TSC09805 TSC09807