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Paul Couillard: Sitting With The Mountain
at Offthemapgallery, Toronto

PAUL COUILLARD: For 30 days, I will spend 8 hours each day at the gallery "performing", developing thresholds or situations that speak to experiences of loss and grief. I am on a hunt for images that open up possibilities for moving through and alleviating trauma. The work will evolve daily, with accumulating and dissipating evidence of my gestures. My interest lies in the idea of relieving trauma, not reliving it. What can alleviate the suffering associated with loss? What can grief teach us?
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Show runs April 6 - May 5, 2007
Opening Launch: April 6, midnight (12.01am Friday morning)
Open Forum: April 21, 8am - 4pm
Closing Party/Reception: May 5, 4pm - midnight

Special Gallery Hours:
April 6 - 15: midnight - 8am
April 16 - 25: 8am - 4pm
April 26 - May 5: 4pm - midnight
Thursday April 26  - Day 21, 4pm - midnight
USC00215 USC00219 USC00225 USC00234
USC00242 USC00250 USC00256 USC00269
USC00276 USC00310 USC00326 USC00329
USC00348 USC00351 USC00360 USC00364
USC00365 USC00374 USC00375 USC00389
Friday April 27  - Day 22   - Day 22
VSC00428 VSC00442 VSC00445 VSC00451
VSC00475 VSC00476 VSC00513 VSC00517
VSC00560 VSC00565 VSC00606 VSC00626
VSC00628 VSC00629 VSC00636 VSC00656
VSC00734 VSC00853 VSC00917 VSC00999
Saturday April 28   - Day 23
WSC01066 WSC01082 WSC01113 WSC01115
WSC01121 WSC01126 WSC01134 WSC01139
WSC01141 WSC01142 WSC01144 WSC01157
WSC01173 WSC01199 WSC01214 WSC01215
WSC01241 WSC01261 WSC01294 WSC01354
Sunday April 29   - Day 24
XSC01443 XSC01471 XSC01602 XSC01610
XSC01625 XSC01633 XSC01642 XSC01700
XSC01701 XSC01702 XSC01703 XSC01704
XSC01705 XSC01732 XSC01737 XSC01743
XSC01798 XSC01969 XSC01993 XSC01996
Monday April 30   - Day 25
YSC02143 YSC02167 YSC02193 YSC02197
YSC02211 YSC02271 YSC02275 YSC02278
YSC02308 YSC02311 YSC02321 YSC02327
YSC02328 YSC02332 YSC02345 YSC02368
YSC02399 YSC02460 YSC02462 YSC02479
Tuesday May 1   - Day 26
ZSC02672 ZSC02689 ZSC02697 ZSC02730
ZSC02770 ZSC02772 ZSC02809 ZSC02832
ZSC02841 ZSC02859 ZSC02872 ZSC02886
ZSC02913 ZSC02922 ZSC02923 ZSC02926
ZSC02928 ZSC02935 ZSC02985 ZSC03021
Wednesday May 2   - Day 27
ZTC03027 ZTC03032 ZTC03049 ZTC03050
ZTC03057 ZTC03059 ZTC03064 ZTC03065
ZTC03066 ZTC03067 ZTC03068 ZTC03071
ZTC03074 ZTC03085 ZTC03092 ZTC03095
ZTC03102 ZTC03108 ZTC03125 ZTC03136
Thursday May 3   - Day 28
ZUC03600 ZUC03602 ZUC03641 ZUC03643
ZUC03657 ZUC03694 ZUC03741 ZUC03753
ZUC03790 ZUC03802 ZUC03821 ZUC03851
ZUC03864 ZUC03898 ZUC03941 ZUC03972
ZUC04012 ZUC04016 ZUC04030 ZUC04088
Friday May 4   - Day 29
ZVC04243 ZVC04244 ZVC04279 ZVC04328
ZVC04338 ZVC04357 ZVC04371 ZVC04413
ZVC04421 ZVC04457 ZVC04464 ZVC04504
ZVC04507 ZVC04509 ZVC04543 ZVC04587
ZVC04600 ZVC04647 ZVC04681 ZVC04764
Saturday May 5   - Day 30
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ZWC04883 ZWC04943 ZWC04993 ZWC05020
ZWC05029 ZWC05039 ZWC05048 ZWC05057
ZWC05065 ZWC05117 ZWC05132 ZWC05136
ZWC05146 ZWC05169 ZWC05183 ZWC05195
ZWC05197 ZWC05235 ZWC05283 ZWC05459