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Seven Scents
Millie Chen & Evelyn Von Michalofsky

Sept. 18-21, 2003

Millie Chen and Evelyn Von Michalofski have collaborated since 1990 while concurrently pursuing individual practices. Their performative interventions - situated in retail stores, an ethnological museum, and sight-seeing meccas - engage olfactory, tactile and gustatory materials in the context of examining notions of history, tourism, the body and cultural difference. Chen has exhibited widely in Canada, the U.S., the Netherlands, Japan and Mexico. She teaches at the State University of New York at Buffalo and explores associations between the sensual and symbolic qualities of common yet potent materials such as bread, hair, rice and spices. Von Michalofski's work has been included in exhibitions throughout Canada as well as the U.S., the Dominican Republic, the Netherlands and Spain. She focuses on the alchemical transmutation of materials, especially in regard to the food, drug and cosmetic industries. She resides in Belleville, ON and curates at the Museum for Textiles.

Millie Chen and Evelyn Von Michalofski wish to thank Warren Quigley, Brian Scott and the Canada Council for the Arts. Thanks also to Ed Johnson, Johanna Householder, Craig Leonard and Tanya Mars for equipment loans.

Photography: Miklos Legrady

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