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Isvan Kantor
with The Red Armband
at the Drake Hotel
April 29, 2005

Chris Worden - noizzzak
MC Flasher - voicetronics
DJ SAS (Short Attention Span) - laptoptix
MSAG (MachineSexActionGroup) - eclampsia
with Leif Harmsen, Darek Karnicki,
Sasha Braun, Ghera, Nat the Cat,
Ivonka and Sebastian, Jeff Mann
photography: Miklos Legrady

Best known for his taste for blood and crime,
Adrienne Clarkson's favorite ISTVAN KANTOR
brings his newly formed RED ARMBAND,
guest performers and machine-sex conspirators
to the Drake for a night of covulsive subvertainment,
music, performance, video.

Also known as Neoist open-pop-star Monty Cantsin,
Kantor will recite his Spasmo Pop Manifesto
accompanied by seizure like hyper-beat sequences.
Kantor defines Spasmo Pop as the musical equivalant
of his rhapsodical criminal activity and robophonic aesthetics.
Young noise addicts Chris Worden and MC Flasher
are also among the list of performers together
with members of the delirious MachineSexActionGroup
and techno-blabla maniac DJ SAS.

Convulse now! Leave your antispasmodic pills home!

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