Press Release
Installation Photographs
Performances, Sept. 1, 2005

is an instant exhibition which I initiated
less than two weeks before the actual opening
in close collaboration with director David Liss of the MOCCA.

Totally broke, I asked David
if I could do a yard sale of my art works
in MOCCA's courtyard.

Three days later I opened my weekend long yardsale
and made enough money to pay my rent and other bills.
This exhibition is the continuation of the initial yardsale.

Conceived as a garage sale between two exhibitions
when the museum would be otherwise empty and closed,
the initial idea evolved fast into a monumental and
demonstrative Queen West group show
open to anyone for participation,
presented in an anti-institutional,
no curators, no rules, no jury style.
With the help of Miklos Legrady in design
and Napoleon Brousseau as artistic director
we launched the idea immediately.

But that was still not enough. There was a need
to put the exhibition into a socio-political framework
that opens up a much larger territory to explore.

I therefore took again the initiative to add to the design
a taste of blood and a sensation of riot under the
flag of the Queen West community.

With this move the original garage sale
transformed into a final collective palyground involving
a new perspective for revolutionary experimentation,
for having lots of fun and of course for making tons of money.

The title of the exhibition
is not only an obvious reference to the controversy surrounding my own work
but a title I plundered from an introductory essay of the infamous
SENSATION exhibition that took place in London, in 1997.

Welcome to the 2005 Queen West Art-Scum Garage Sale.
Long Live the Best and the Worst!

artistic director: Napoleon Brousseau
media disturbance: Miklos Legrady
produced by Istvan Kantor and MOCCA

Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art MOCCA
952 Queen Street West Toronto On M6J 1J8 (416)395-0067