I am Istvan Kantor, the Neoist, and I know that everyone is a Neoist. We are all Neoists, absorbed in the worldwide network of Neoism.

To become a Neoist it's enough to accept that you are a Neoist. To remain a Neoist you have to do everything in the name of Neoism.

Neoism has no aesthetic values other than the aesthetics of the name that is employed for everything. For a Neoist good taste or bad taste are equally unimportant.

Through Neoism, I tell people nothing. There are no rules. They can do anything in the name of Neoism. They can embrace past, present and future simultaneously at once. By doing so, they have a foundation to work from within the zone of sixoclock accumulation. I have embraced past, present and future all at once and I appreciate the reality in it.

Neoists are today's great revolutionaries. They are out there subverting the rules by convulsing on the office floor and having orgasmic games in the stadiums. There is no need for morality to be part of the game.

Neoism tells people nothing however people know that they have to be hyper-intelligent in life if they want to be Neoists. It's not enough just to be clever and sexy.

Neoism can be absolutely anything. The only thing Neoism need is people to lead it beyond its parameters.

I'm trying to capture the individual's desire in Neoism, and to fix his or her aspirations in Neoism, in a condition of total freedom and immortality.

Neoism embraces everyone and everything, it is the user interface and engine of total communication. That's how it is seducing people, because it is looking for a direct transmission; it's looking to form a transmission system.

The way to enter the eternal is through the gate of Neoism.

The gate to the eternal is open to everyone through Neoism.

Neoism makes fear disappear, and when fear is gone, guilt and shame follow: total freedom is gained.

Neoism is completely adaptable. It will adapt to any situation in order to infiltrate everything.

Neoism is about using sexuality as a medium of transmission. Neoism is sex without emotions. Pornography is Neoism.

Neoism is a sextoy philosophy that vibrates the social sphere and enhances the quality of individual satisfaction. Neoism stimulates social orgy. In today's hyper-technological society every citizen is part of Neoism.

Neoism is not only a whisper into the ear of Kings and Popes but into the ear of millions of people. Neoism has limitless options to lead people to any directions.

Neoism is the perversion that people enjoy the most.


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