Notes on the making of
Invisible Gift / Invisible Monument

Invisible Gift Photographs

To wrap up a building cost Christo years of preparatory work for the necessary permissions, and millions to plan and execute the project. By wrapping buildings he creates new temporary monuments, his art made visible by concealing the buildings.

What I propose is basically the opposite. I propose the creation of an invisible monument integrated into a building. I want to make my ideas visible by making art invisible. It can be done without much preparatory work, without permission, and without money.

However, it's not exactly like that. It took me 25 years to get to this stage of my work that is the base of Invisible Gift. The long term process of Blood Campaign has been the preparatory work for Invisible Gift that commemorates this process.

And as I previously stated since 1984 my blood is worth one million dollar per milliliter, therefore Invisible Gift means not only shedding blood but spending money. I'll mix 250ml of my blood into the concrete which equals the $250 million the AGO is spending on the construction. That makes us equal partners in the production of Invisible Gift / Invisible Monument.

I propose to the AGO the creation of a site specific performance consisting of mixing my blood into the concrete to be used for the construction of the new building. The actual gesture of mixing my blood into the construction material will become part of the construction work and my blood will become part of the new building. To execute the action of mixing I only have to collect the necessary blood from my own body and infuse it into the concrete at the concrete factory hired by the contractors of the AGO. This can be done without any official permission from the museum.

In fact I already executed Invisible Gift for the cameras and created a preliminary documentation to illustrate the process of making. Accompanied by photographer Miklos Legrady and witness/model Leasa von Blut equipped with a video camera, on June 23rd, 2005 I took four vials of blood from my arm at the IV Lounge, a bar/restaurant across the street from the AGO. I mixed some of this blood into the concrete at a concrete factory in Toronto. My blood therefore has already been turned into construction material.

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