Notes on the concept and meaning of

Invisible Gift / Invisible Monument
Invisible Gift Photographs

Here are some ideas I'm interested in with the creation Invisible Gift/Invisible Monument:

1/ to signify the fact that museums are always built with artists' blood (artists=people) the simple equation of capitalism is: blood=gold

2/ to create a work that is critical, conceptual and monumental at once, that can be done without the support of millions of dollars, without the permission of authorities, through a simple guerilla gesture and the related socio-mythological extensions

3/ to comment on the pathos and revolutionary heroic nature of builders of new cities, like the construction of Dimitrovgrad, for example, in Bulgaria in the 50's, representing the struggle for the future

4/ a new building represents a new epoch, the renewal of culture and our attitude towards the essence/spirit of art new values of creation/creativity

5/ my idea relates to the ancient examples, pyramids, the burial of Attila the hun, or eastern european ballads in which the mason's body gets built into the building integrated into the foundations, and they all die soon afterwards, etc,

6/ my blood, as construction material, will make the AGO not only stronger and more powerful, but it will turn the building into a legendary monument as well

7/ by mixing my blood into the concrete to be used for the construction of the new AGO, the AGO will be the first museum in the world built with the blood of an artist 8/ to refer to past present future at once, as it's evident that this idea belongs to the past, present and the future at once (the construction wont be finished before 2008,

9/ to create a legend to become reality and reality to become legend

10/ to integrate personal reference codes into a public building in order to give a soul to the concrete foundations

11/ to integrate the present reality of the AGO-s construction into a work of art without any historical demand for justice:

12/ to define contemporary capitalism: blood=gold=$254million

Finally I note that my surprise blood-monument, as a work of art, will outlive, in time and in physical conditions, the new glass and titanium facade, turning the AGO into an immortal work of art without any nostalgia for art.


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