Press Conference
at the Drake Hotel Underground
August 2, 2005, 2.30pm.


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DATE: Tuesday, Aug 2, 2005 at 2.30pm
PLACE: Drake Hotel / Underground
SUBJECT: Invisible Gift / Invisible Monument
a multi-part sculptural blood intervention
designed for the new AGO

At 2.30pm on Aug 2nd, 2005 at the Drake Hotel's Underground,
Istvan Kantor will announce his most recent project entitled

Invisible Gift / Invisible Monument,
designed for the newly constructed Art Gallery of Ontario.

Invisible Gift / Invisible Monument presents Kantor's ideas through a guerilla action that is critical, conceptual, and monumental at once. Kantor proposes to integrate his own blood into the foundation and walls of the new AGO by mixing it with the concrete to be used for the construction of the new museum. He insists that art must question institutional authority and refer to creative autonomy within the historical context of today's social reality.

Writer/critic Daniel Baird and curator/writer Linda Feesey will accompany Kantor at the press conference to comment on his work.

Slides of the new project photographed by Miklos Legrady as well as video documentation of previous works will be part of the visual presentation.

Toronto based Istvan Kantor, the founder of Neoism (1979), is known as Canada's number one controversial artist, recipient of the 2004 Governer General's Award for Visual and Media Arts. His work has always been described as rebellious, confrontational, anti-authoritarian, as well as highly innovative and radically experimental. Kantor has been arrested and jailed for his blood interventions many times and he is banned from the National Gallery of Canada since 1991.

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