Die Platze,Tokyo, February 22/2005

NIPAF'05, The 12th Nippon International Performance Art festival

I improvised loopmachine style broken furniture music while pulling,
pushing, rotating a junk-machine-sculpture on wheels I made during the day
from an office chair and other scrap I collected from the streets.

MachineSexActionGroup videos were projected on the wall. I convulsed on the floor
and set the junk piece fire, turned it over, pulled it on me, continued doing pelvic
strokes until I got exhausted enough to stop and leave the room.

Photo Makato Kondoh

IMG_9406 IMG_9445 IMG_9446 IMG_9447
IMG_9406.jpg IMG_9445.jpg IMG_9446.jpg IMG_9447.jpg
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IMG_9456.jpg IMG_9463.jpg IMG_9465.jpg IMG_9469.jpg