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Hamilton Perfomance
June 19, 2004

30 performers, 14 locations, 7 deadly sins, 7 heavenly virtues, 2 limousines Inspired by a variety of sources ranging from the 14th Century frescoes of Ambrogio Lorenzetti on the Effects of Good and Bad Government to Fellini's "Satyricon", TYRANNY OF BLISS is a modern day social satire with a cast of 30 performers. Loosely based on the pageant structure of the medieval Miracle/Mystery plays, TYRANNY OF BLISS looks at the current human condition from both utopian and dystopian perspectives, featuring images based on the 7 deadly sins.

Photography: Miklos Legrady

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DSCN8534 DSCN8535 DSCN8536 DSCN8539
DSCN8540 DSCN8541 DSCN8543 DSCN8544
DSCN8545 DSCN8546 DSCN8547 DSCN8548
DSCN8549 DSCN8550 DSCN8553 DSCN8554
DSCN8557 DSCN8560 DSCN8561 DSCN8562
DSCN8563 DSCN8564 DSCN8565 DSCN8566
DSCN8567 DSCN8568 DSCN8569 DSCN8570
DSCN8572 DSCN8573 DSCN8574 DSCN8575
DSCN8580 DSCN8581 DSCN8582 DSCN8583
DSCN8584 DSCN8585 DSCN8586 DSCN8587
DSCN8588 DSCN8589 DSCN8590 DSCN8591
DSCN8592 DSCN8593 DSCN8594 DSCN8595
DSCN8596 DSCN8598 DSCN8599 DSCN8600
DSCN8601 DSCN8602 DSCN8603 DSCN8604
DSCN8605 DSCN8606 DSCN8607 DSCN8608
DSCN8609 DSCN8610 DSCN8611 DSCN8612
DSCN8613 DSCN8614 DSCN8615 DSCN8616
DSCN8617 DSCN8618 DSCN8619 DSCN8620
DSCN8621 DSCN8622 DSCN8623 DSCN8624
DSCN8625 DSCN8626 DSCN8627 DSCN8628
DSCN8629 DSCN8630 DSCN8631 DSCN8632
DSCN8633 DSCN8634 DSCN8635 DSCN8636
DSCN8637 DSCN8638 DSCN8639 DSCN8640
DSCN8641 DSCN8642 DSCN8643 DSCN8644
DSCN8645 DSCN8646 DSCN8647 DSCN8648
DSCN8649 DSCN8650 DSCN8651 DSCN8652
DSCN8653 DSCN8654 DSCN8655 DSCN8656
DSCN8657 DSCN8658 DSCN8660 DSCN8661
DSCN8662 DSCN8663 DSCN8664 DSCN8665
DSCN8666 DSCN8667 DSCN8668 DSCN8670
DSCN8671 DSCN8672 DSCN8673 DSCN8674
DSCN8676 DSCN8677 DSCN8678 DSCN8679
DSCN8680 DSCN8681 DSCN8682 DSCN8683
DSCN8684 DSCN8685 DSCN8686 DSCN8687
DSCN8688 DSCN8689 DSCN8690 DSCN8691
DSCN8696 DSCN8697 DSCN8698 DSCN8699
DSCN8700 DSCN8703 DSCN8704 DSCN8705
DSCN8706 DSCN8707 DSCN8708 DSCN8709
DSCN8711 DSCN8712 DSCN8713 DSCN8714
DSCN8719 DSCN8723 DSCN8724 DSCN8725
DSCN8726 DSCN8727 DSCN8728 DSCN8729
DSCN8730 DSCN8731 DSCN8732 DSCN8734
DSCN8737 DSCN8738 DSCN8739 DSCN8741
DSCN8751 DSCN8752 DSCN8753 DSCN8754
DSCN8755 DSCN8756 DSCN8757 DSCN8758
DSCN8759 DSCN8760 DSCN8762 DSCN8763
DSCN8764 DSCN8765 DSCN8766 DSCN8767
DSCN8768 DSCN8769 DSCN8770 DSCN8771
DSCN8772 DSCN8773 DSCN8774 DSCN8775
DSCN8776 DSCN8777 DSCN8778 DSCN8779
DSCN8780 DSCN8781 DSCN8782 DSCN8783
DSCN8784 DSCN8785 DSCN8786 DSCN8787
DSCN8788 DSCN8789 DSCN8790 DSCN8791
DSCN8792 DSCN8793 DSCN8794 DSCN8795
DSCN8796 DSCN8797 DSCN8798 DSCN8799
DSCN8800 DSCN8801 DSCN8802 DSCN8803
DSCN8804 DSCN8805 DSCN8806 DSCN8807
DSCN8808 DSCN8809 DSCN8810 DSCN8811
DSCN8812 DSCN8813 DSCN8814 DSCN8815
DSCN8816 DSCN8817 DSCN8818 DSCN8819
DSCN8820 DSCN8821 DSCN8822 DSCN8823
DSCN8824 DSCN8826 DSCN8827 DSCN8828
DSCN8830 DSCN8831 DSCN8832 DSCN8833
DSCN8834 DSCN8835 DSCN8836 DSCN8837
DSCN8838 DSCN8839 DSCN8840 DSCN8841
DSCN8842 DSCN8843 DSCN8844 DSCN8845
DSCN8846 DSCN8848 DSCN8849 DSCN8850
DSCN8851 DSCN8852 DSCN8853 DSCN8854
DSCN8855 DSCN8856 DSCN8857 DSCN8858
DSCN8859 DSCN8860 DSCN8861 DSCN8862
DSCN8863 DSCN8864 DSCN8865 DSCN8866
DSCN8867 DSCN8868 DSCN8869 DSCN8870
DSCN8871 DSCN8872 DSCN8873 DSCN8874
DSCN8875 DSCN8876 DSCN8877 DSCN8878
DSCN8879 DSCN8880 DSCN8881 DSCN8882
DSCN8883 DSCN8884 DSCN8885 DSCN8886
DSCN8887 DSCN8888 DSCN8889 DSCN8890
DSCN8891 DSCN8892 DSCN8893 DSCN8894
DSCN8895 DSCN8896 DSCN8897 DSCN8898
DSCN8899 DSCN8900 DSCN8901 DSCN8902
DSCN8903 DSCN8904 DSCN8905 DSCN8906
DSCN8907 DSCN8908 DSCN8909 DSCN8910
DSCN8911 DSCN8912 DSCN8913 DSCN8914
DSCN8915 DSCN8916 DSCN8917 DSCN8918
DSCN8919 DSCN8920 DSCN8921 DSCN8922
DSCN8923 DSCN8924 DSCN8925 DSCN8926
DSCN8927 DSCN8928 DSCN8929 DSCN8930
DSCN8931 DSCN8932 DSCN8933 DSCN8934
DSCN8935 DSCN8936 DSCN8937 DSCN8938
DSCN8939 DSCN8940 DSCN8941 DSCN8942
DSCN8943 DSCN8944 DSCN8945 DSCN8946
DSCN8947 DSCN8948 DSCN8949 DSCN8950
DSCN8951 DSCN8952 DSCN8953 DSCN8954
DSCN8956 DSCN8957 DSCN8958 DSCN8959
DSCN8960 DSCN8961 DSCN8962 DSCN8963
DSCN8964 DSCN8965 DSCN8966 DSCN8967
DSCN8968 DSCN8970 DSCN8971 DSCN8972
DSCN8973 DSCN8974 DSCN8975 DSCN8976
DSCN8977 DSCN8978 DSCN8979 DSCN8980
DSCN8981 DSCN8982 DSCN8987 DSCN8988
DSCN8989 DSCN8990 DSCN8991 DSCN8992
DSCN8994 DSCN8995 DSCN8996 DSCN9000
DSCN9001 DSCN9002 DSCN9003 DSCN9004
DSCN9006 DSCN9007 DSCN9008 DSCN9012
DSCN9013 DSCN9016 DSCN9017 DSCN9018
DSCN9019 DSCN9020 DSCN9021 DSCN9022
DSCN9023 DSCN9024 DSCN9025 DSCN9027
DSCN9028 DSCN9029 DSCN9030 DSCN9031
DSCN9032 DSCN9033 DSCN9034 DSCN9035
DSCN9038 DSCN9039 DSCN9040 DSCN9041
DSCN9042 DSCN9043 DSCN9044 DSCN9046
DSCN9047 DSCN9048 DSCN9050 DSCN9051
DSCN9052 DSCN9053 DSCN9054 DSCN9055
DSCN9056 DSCN9057 DSCN9058 DSCN9059
DSCN9060 DSCN9062 DSCN9064 DSCN9067
DSCN9068 DSCN9069 DSCN9070 DSCN9071
DSCN9072 DSCN9073 DSCN9074 DSCN9075
DSCN9076 DSCN9077 DSCN9078 DSCN9079
DSCN9080 DSCN9081 DSCN9082 DSCN9083
DSCN9087 DSCN9088 DSCN9089 DSCN9090
DSCN9093 DSCN9095 DSCN9096 DSCN9098
DSCN9099 DSCN9100 DSCN9101 DSCN9102
DSCN9103 DSCN9104 DSCN9105 DSCN9106
DSCN9107 DSCN9108 DSCN9109 DSCN9110
DSCN9111 DSCN9112 DSCN9113 DSCN9114
DSCN9115 DSCN9117 DSCN9118 DSCN9119
DSCN9120 DSCN9121 DSCN9122 DSCN9123
DSCN9124 DSCN9125 DSCN9126 DSCN9127
DSCN9128 DSCN9137 DSCN9139 DSCN9140

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