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Pam Patterson
Cellu(h)er Resistance: The Body with/out organs?

Feb 27th to March 2, 2008

After decades of dis-ease, poverty, disability and being surgically reconfigured through surgery, my
hands make another body for my body.... there are sounds, images, becomings. It is accomplished the
moment I undertake it. It isn’t the case that the body/I like(s) pain per se but rather that the body/I like
being a Body with/out Organs and pain is the price the body/I is/am willing to pay for that.

XPACE Cultural Centre
58 Ossington Avenue, Toronto

Feb 28th to March 1
Ongoing daily performance-as-installation

Wednesday Feb 27th, 8pm
Opening performance

Sunday March 2, 12-6pm
Closing performance action - reception to follow.

Performance Program information

Writers: Artist and curator Leena Raudvee will be writing-in-process-as-installation
as/through an immediate response to the content and expression of the work.
Her writing can be read/observed in the stairway of XPACE.
Leena Raudvee writing-in-process

Photographer, poet and educator, John Oughton.
John Oughton will be writing after the work is completed and performed.
His text will be poetic/academic and can be read on the FADO website.

Special thanks to WARC Gallery as recommender gallery for OAC exhibition assistance, John Oughton,
Leena Raudvee, Lo Bil, Shannon Cochrane ( FADO Director) & the staff of XPACE Cultural Centre.

Photography: Miklos Legrady

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Documentation: Thursday Feb. 28   -   Friday Feb. 29   -   Sat. March 1   -   Sunday March 2

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