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Pam Patterson
Cellu(h)er Resistance: The Body with/out organs?

A Work-in-Progress
Pam Patterson (with writers Leena Raudvee & John Oughton)
Feb 27th to March 2, 2008

XPACE Cultural Centre
58 Ossington Avenue, Toronto

Feb 28th to March 1
Ongoing daily performance-as-installation

Wednesday Feb 27th, 8pm
Opening performance

Sunday March 2, 12-6pm
Closing performance action - reception to follow.

The Body without Organs is an abstraction, a matrix, a living body in which intensity plays. It is manufactured and defined, and gains reality in proportion to the intensity which plays upon it. Gilles Deleuze & Félix Guattari

Cellu(h)er Resistance: The Body with/out Organs? is a performance/installation that acknowledges the use of feminist theoretical and artistic practices for re-viewing the body-as-matrix. Here I reconfigure the (my) female body, marked by the effects of aging, medical interventions and cancer, in public space. As a practice, it uses reflective and innovative strategies. Inspired by my daughter’s actions and her rediscovery of her Irish heritage and language, my hands make another body for my body... there are sounds, images, becomings... it is accomplished the moment I undertake it.

For FADO, at XPACE Cultural Centre, I will be making &/or performing three independent yet interconnected works over the period of five days in the gallery. Each performance leaves a trace, a residue of past and present histories which reconstruct my matrix. Please come and speak with me while I am in the gallery, Thurs, Friday and Saturday, 3-6 pm. I welcome your comments, stories, observations.

Writers: Artist and curator, Leena Raudvee and photographer, poet and educator, John Oughton. Leena Raudvee will be writing-in-process-as-installation as/through an immediate response to the content and expression of the work . Her writing can be read/observed in the stairway of XPACE. John Oughton will be writing after the work is completed and performed. His text will be poetic/academic and can be read on the FADO website.

Idea - FADO
Curated by Paul Couillard, IDea is an multi-year international performance art series focused on issues of identity. The works include conceptual, site-responsive and installation-based performances. IDea considers a range of bodily identities -- physical, social, political, emotional, and spiritual. To provide further context for the series, critical texts respond to each of the performances.


Gaelic text translation:
Óró, sé do bheatha 'bhaile
Oh, you are welcome home

Sé do bheatha a bhean ba léanmhar
Welcome, oh woman, who was so afflicted

B'é ár gcreach tú bheith I ngéibeann
It was our ruin that you were in bondage.


Music: Eireann Oughton Apple Trees in Bloom (recorder), The Anahata Women Drummers of Prince Edward County,
Sinead O’Connor Óró, 'Sé do Bheatha 'Bhaile.
DVD: My body around age 30. Filmed originally in 8 mm black & white by John Oughton.
Technical & Photo Assistance: John Oughton
Installation & Painting: John Oughton, Stuart Sakai, Leena Raudvee, Angelo Pedari, Shannon Cochrane.
Gaelic Text in Script & on Wall: From Óró, 'Sé do Bheatha 'Bhaile. An Irish song from the 1500s dedicated to the woman sea warrior, Gráinne Ní Mháille (Grace O’Malley).
Documentation: Miklos Legrady, John Oughton, Leena Raudvee, Shannon Cochrane.
Wall Works Printing: The Print In & The Lettering Shop
Special thanks to Megan Kotze, Sarah Todd, Stuart Sakai, Shannon Cochrane (FADO Director), Paul Couillard, Leena Raudvee, John Oughton, The Anahata Drummers, Amy Swartz, Lo Bil & the Gibralter Point Centre for the Arts, my daughter Eireann Vivian Patterson Oughton..... and the Ontario Arts Council.

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