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Armand Vaillancourt
Pas de traduction

Curated by André-Eric Létourneau

Fado is pleased to present PAS DE TRADUCTION, a series of street actions featuring Montreal- and Quebec-based performance artists. Curated by Eric Letourneau for Fado Performance Inc., the performances took place in the Queen Street West and Alexandra Park area on Saturday, July 12 between noon and 5 pm. A program detailing the exact locations and nature of the performances was available on the day of the event from weewerk Gallery, 620A Queen St. W. (within walking distance of all of the activities). On Sunday, July 13, the artists presented a round table discussion of the project at Metro Hall (meeting room 308), moderated by writers Sonia Pelletier and Johanna Householder.

PAS DE TRADUCTION is the first in a new series of events by Fado that examines the work of various Canadian performance art communities, defined culturally, regionally, ethnically, or aesthetically. This inaugural series focuses on Montreal. PAS DE TRADUCTION focuses on the ways interaction between performer and public can take place in site-specific contexts. The title ("no translation") refers light-heartedly to the traditional tensions between English and French Canada. More importantly, however, the title reflects how the practice of performance privileges direct action and shared presence as a way of expressing ideas and moments that are ephemeral and essentially untranslatable. PAS DE TRADUCTION dances among the ambiguities of what needs no translation, what cannot be translated, and what we refuse to translate, focusing on the interpretation process between artist, audience and location.

Photography: Miklos Legrady

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