Ace Art Inc., 2nd Floor, 290 McDermot Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

"In this gallery are some works of young artists which may articulate some desire for a way out of hypermorality. None of the seven work to any avant garde (for the avant garde is merely the accepted form of public rebellion; our society endures it as it does circus clowns). A craving for the unorthodox is held by many of us. But we can only occasionally conciously articulate it. And even more rarely make our voices heard. In our skin, we have a libertine lickerish. Outside our skin we have to remain prostrate to the external systemic authority. This neurotic recipe manifests itself in art of those not concerned with behaving as angry artists are supposed to. It's perhaps less tangible than "angry art", but perhaps more sincere. I hope questioning is catching." - Donne Flanagan

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