Ace Art Inc., 2nd Floor, 290 McDermot Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Dok Trinaire's Traveling Shows: Documentation is an unusual exhibition which provides the public with their first glimpse of Grant Guy's ambitious efforts to establish and operate an artist-designed traveling carnival (mid-way) and sideshow. A number of artists, including Kim Adams, Roland Bouchard, Susan Chafe, Grant Guy, John Gurdebeke, Alex Poruchnyk, Donnely Smallwood and Reva Stone have created design-models for mid-way attractions. These maquettes, along with paper documentation of the carnival's progress and research data attained to date, are presented in the exhibition at Ace Art.

Related people
   Kim Adams - Artist
   Alex Poruchnyk - Artist
   Donnely Smallwood - Artist
   John Gurdebeke - Artist
   Roland Bouchard - Artist
   Susan Chafe - Artist
   Grant Guy - Artist / Organizer

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