Ace Art Inc., 2nd Floor, 290 McDermot Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Ace Art is sponsoring an outdoor exhibition, Outdoor Sites, during and after the Theatre Fringe Festival. Works by: Carol Pickering, Iain Robertson, Heba Latif, Megan Vun, and The Student Bolsheviks.

HEBA LATIF (multimedia, front entrance of 160 Princess Avenue) - "My proposal for the 1991 Outdoor Sites addresses the mythic and imaginative in the art of drama through ritual, humour and illusion. By incorporating sound and movement with the visual ideas, a stronger experiential spatial quality can be created, giving life to sculptural form."

MEGUN VUN (3 wooden doors hinged together creating a book-like formation, Centennial Library) - "This work is a further exploration into modern man's dilemma, i.e. estrangement/alienation between himself and cosmos."

CAROL PICKERING/IAIN ROBERTSON (printed paper panels, 600 Main Street) - "Robertson will contribute a series of individual letter panels, creating a matrix alphabet' from which the traveler may configure words and subsequent meanings. Pickering will install a running series of photographically derived images. While the respective works were initiated separately, the content has been arrived at collaboratively for this specific project."

STUDENT BOLSHEVIKS (art fashion show, Old Market Square) - "Student Bolsheviks hereby decree that their next extravaganza, Springen in Fruhling, will be a runway fashion show of the type well known to educated people. The fashions themselves will range from the sublime to the surreal, but all will smash the bourgeois complacency of thoughtless middle class theatre-going dilettantes."

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