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"In a broad sense, the curatorial theme I wish to write about and one that encompasses much of my own artistic work is the notion of travel and the ways in which journey affects or is necessary for successful artistic creation. Other facets of travel come to mind, such as spiritual or philosophical quest of an artist's own sensibilities, values and so on in relation to his or her approach to art and to their role as artist within society."

"Most able-bodied artists who live in a democratic society travel often - whether their purpose is to study and work at their craft in another place, or to attend the opening of their latest show in some exotic location or perhaps to exchange ideas and experiences with other members of society. More recently, the notion of multiculturalism has become an issue-oriented theme for many artists as they confront the various interpretations of contemporary art, thus creating innovative works worthy of analysis. Multiculturalism may be viewed as a philosophical inquiry into why contemporary art often fuses many formal and aesthetic qualities together, and whether or not it is important for an artist to do so."

"The exhibition In Our Travels featuring the mixed media works of Latha Attawar and Sharon Norman encourages viewers to see the world as an aesthetic whole filled with cultural diversity."- Ken Lulewich

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   Latha Attawar - Artist
   Sharon Norman - Artist
   Ken Lulewich - Curator

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