Ace Art Inc., 2nd Floor, 290 McDermot Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Love, pain, amazement, humour, sexuality, sensuality and subconscious memory appear in the work of five Canadian photographers: from Winnipeg Sheila Spence, Larry Glawson and Christine Kirouac; from Calgary Diane Colwell; and from Toronto Isaac Applebaum. Visually exciting, the work ranges from small sepia toned prints to 4' by 10' colour triptychs.

"I am interested in finding work that has PASSION. The approach can be intellectual but not artificial. The work will be directly connected with the artist's compassion or dispassion for subject matter. Subject will not be dictated; rather the spirit or the passionate regard of the subject and the artist will be investigated and employed." - Debra Mosher

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   Isaac Applebaum - Artist
   Christine Kirouac - Artist
   Diane Colwell - Artist
   Larry Glawson - Artist
   Sheila Spence - Artist
   Deb Mosher - Curator

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