Ace Art Inc., 2nd Floor, 290 McDermot Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Ace Arts presents Queer Readings in the gallery, a Festival du Voyeur event, by Di Brandt of Winnipeg and Judy Radul of Vancouver.

Organizers of Festival du Voyeur believe that only through public self-representation, can the present generation of artists, writers and performers propel itself out of the assigned closets of inadequacy, denial, pathology and the use of sanitized conformity as a survival tactic. Taking control of public representation is necessary if queer artists are going to provide a fresh perception', one which will life the stultifying veil of silence that is being imposed in Oregon, Colorado, Britain and at Canada Customs. Ultimately, it is this silence that condones homophobic violence, bias-related crimes and inequalities. When artists of all backgrounds are involved with eliminating this silence, they are engaging in the most socially and personally responsible act of resistance.

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