One Night Stand: at The Yellow Dog Tavern, 386 Donald Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba. [7 pm - 12 am].
ONE NIGHT STAND is pleased to present a group of short performance works by artist Ray Fenwick, live at The Yellow Dog Tavern (386 Donald Ave).

Titled Le Moat Juice, Fenwick will also commandeer the two TVs in the bar to show a new two-channel video made specially for the occasion. The performance will run approximately 25 minutes

1. Trip Report: Eternity Turning into a Room

2. Potential Name Changer

3. Trip report: Dystopia of Forbidden Knowledge

4. Sustainability/Viability of Echo Locations

5. Trip Report: Hyperliquid

6. Suggestions for a Scene with Great Potential

7. Trip Report: Whittling Circus of Form

8. 2 th' Limit

On the televisions | A Painter Endlessly Describes His Masterwork (2 channel unsynced)

Performance starts at 8 PM and video works will continue until 10 PM. The event is free to attend and all are welcome.

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