'This exhibition, curated by Toronto painter and cartoonist, Michael Merrill, presented both historical and contemporary comic strips and cartoons in an ambitious and well received gallery show in January 1984. The cartoon medium, operates outsdie the limits imposed on other media by critical attention, and is still an open territory for experimentation with narrative humour'.

The exhibition 'provides an entertaining in depth survey of major cartoonists from Canada , the United States and Europe'.

[see: 'Related people' below]

Curator: Michael Merrill

Softcover, 10 1/2" x 7", 227 b/w illus., 48 pages
Published by: ChromaZone / Chromatique, 1984
ISBN 0-920363-00-8
Catalogue Design
Michael Merril [Layout: Jo-Anne Merrill, Peter Dako]

Christopher Hume. "The bottom line", Toronto Star, February 1984.
Duncan Keir. "Kromalaffing", Profile, February, 1984.

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   Stephen Andrews - Artist
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   Chester Brown - Artist
   M.K. Brown - Artist
   Greg Budgett - Artist
   Charles Burns - Artist
   Mike Constable - Artist
   Kat Cruickshank - Artist
   Alex Currie - Artist
   Peter Dako - Artist
   David E. Boswell - Artist
   Gary Dumm - Artist
   Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth - Artist
   Stephen Ellis - Artist
   Graham Falk - Artist
   John Halfpenny - Artist
   I - Artist
   Kaz - Artist
   Barbara Klunder - Artist
   Michael Merrill - Artist
   Gary Panter - Artist
   Andrew Paterson - Artist
   Harvey Pekar - Artist
   Art Speigelman - Artist
   Joost Swarte - Artist
   Erella Vent - Artist
   Michael Merrill - Curator

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