Part of the West Coast Waves Exhibition. William Kirby, curator.
Gathie Falk: A Bird is Known by His Feathers Alone, 1972
Toby MacLennan: Objects, 1976
Tom Graff: Habitat: Love Your Neighbour as Yourself, 1976
(Originally commissioned by Dorothy Metcalfe of the Vancouver Art Gallery for the 1976 Vancouver Habitat Conference).

Performed in the foyer, Winnipeg Art Gallery.

“These have an historical-aesthetic bond with the ‘Happenings’ of the 1930’s. They began in Europe and then progressed to the United States, especially New York and Los Angeles. The term ‘Movement Art Works’ was coined by Falk, MacLennan and Graff because the word ‘Happening’ was coming to mean an improvisational experiment. To the contrary, these works are planned to the last detail.

“Artists in Vancouver have often used this non-literary medium for art galleries and commissioned events. With the rise of the artists’ group intermedia, movement art works became well known in Vancouver.

“These works contain visual sculpture juxtaposed to movement in time and space. ‘Found’ art objects, including works, and original sculpture (made by artists) are placed into unconventional contexts. Do not look for plot, dramatic development, or didactic instruction. Do look and listen for layers of nuance. There may be extended use of tension, occasional surprise, or humour, but these are merely tools. The very private and poetic inter-mingling of time and space occurs when the viewer allows the various elements of the work to play upon one’s perception.”

- from a statement by Tom Graff, Gathie Falk and Toby MacLennan

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